about carmen leigh

My name is Carmen Leigh Donowho and I have been an artist my entire life.

My earliest memories involve sitting on my Papaw’s front porch with my little sister, a huge roll of butcher paper, and tons of crayons or colored pencils in hand. Summers on my Papaw’s farm involved a lot of work in the garden, shelling peas on the back porch, mud pies, and of course, a new box of crayons. My imagination as a child would lead me to create worlds and dreams on paper, something that I continue to do to this day. It’s always been clear to me that God put me on this earth to be an artist as I have never stopped loving to make, and be surrounded, by beautiful things.

I grew up in Denison, Texas, where I met and married my high school sweetheart, Scott, to whom I have been married for nearly 31 years. I have been blessed with two beautiful boys, both who love to create as well, but in very different ways, and make me proud each and everyday to be their mother. Logan Maverick’s ability to create through his remote control cars and LEGOs (my future engineer), as well as Tristan Scott’s photography and music, show me that God put them on this earth to create beautiful things as well. My amazing husband has supported me through thick and thin, always believing in my talent and continues to push me to do great things daily. His love has never wavered and he is always there to support me when times get tough.

I want this website to be something new. I have always loved creating beautiful things, such as original paintings, hand painted bags, and jewelry, decorating our home, and so many other crazy things. On this site, I hope to share all of those magical and crazy ideas, inspire others, offer small collections of my creations and create a little custom magic for my clients.

Thanks for looking and always remember to follow your dreams!

Carmen Leigh