Pet Rocks and all things Mrs. Dewey!

All of us have a favorite teacher in our lives and mine was the beautiful Sandra Dewey.

Mrs. Dewey was my 2nd grade teacher at Hyde Park Elementary in 1977. Her class was a magical place where Wily Wonka, Katie Kangaroo, James and the Giant Peach and Pet Rocks captured our imaginations. I credit her for my love of reading because she read to us everyday while we sat on the magic rug in her classroom. Our imaginations were blown wide open with stories about crazy candy makers, giant peaches, hunting dogs, swans and great glass elevators! She also set up ‘reading nooks’ all over her classroom to encourage us to read on our own, If only our teachers today had that luxury for our kids!

Mrs. Dewey was also magical because she created a way to make “busy work” something we all wanted to do! “Katie Kangaroo” was a cardboard kangaroo with a multi-pocket apron with little bits of paper with ideas for extra work. The only way that you were allowed to acquire one of Katie’s tasks was to finish all of your regular schoolwork! I want to acknowledge the genius of Mrs. Dewey for making all of us want to do extra work!

At the end of the school year, Mrs. Dewey gave each of us a small pink Avon face cream container with a simple little smooth, brown rock. This was our new “pet rock” that we were charged with naming and taking care of over the summer. As an adult, I think I know the secret to Mrs. Dewey/s beauty, lots of Avon face cream - like 25 jars! I remember loving my simple little pet rock and drawing a silly face on it, then immediately regretting messing it up. It was a simple gift that I remember decades later and only wish I still had that little bitty brown rock.

So my inspiration behind the “Pet Rock” leather cuffs is my beautiful teacher, Mrs. Sandra Dewey. These one of a kind leather cuffs have a bug chunk of turquoise, chrysoprase or a purple druzy stone. Since these are my adult version of my favorite pet rock, I decided to give each one a groovy name, but please feel free to rename yours!

The picture that I am including is Mrs. Dewey and myself, along with on of my best friends for life, Priscilla Crain. Priscilla and I had just received our Cultural Arts trophies for our art and poetry. I still have my little trophy in my studio and it one of my greatest treasures.

Thank you Mrs. Dewey for encouraging this little girl with the unfortunate haircut to love books and to be an artist!

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